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View a UTXO private key

Samourai Wallet is an HD wallet. This means that when you combine your 12 secret words with your passphrase you can generate every private key for every address your wallet will ever create. However there are circumstances where you may quickly require an individual private key for an active address in your wallet. This guide will walk you through viewing a private key for an active utxo in your wallet.

Step 1 - Show unspent outputs

Tap the three vertical dots on the top right of the toolbar and then tap Show unspent outputsThis will launch a list of current unspent outputs in your wallet.

Step 2 - Select the address

Tap the unspent output that corresponds with the bitcoin address that you want to view the private key of.  This will bring up a screen with details about your UTXO. From here, tap the options icon in the top-right of this screen, and then tap on show private key, from the Advanced dropdown that appears. 

Step 3 - View the private key

The private key will be displayed to you in both text and QR code form. You can scan or copy this private key, at your own discretion. Please be aware that a private key grants access to the bitcoin on that address, and should never be shared with anyone

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