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Reveal all individual private keys in the wallet

The purpose of this article is to explain how to derive individual private keys for every bitcoin address in your Samourai Wallet, using a Mnemonic Code Converter tool. This tool, when properly configured, will reveal the private keys for every single address in your Samourai Wallet.

When you first create a wallet you are required to write down your secret words, which is a list of 12 random words in a specific order. To reveal your private keys you need your 12 secret words, and your passphrase.

Step 1

Download the Mnemonic Code Converter tool linked at the bottom of this article to your computer. You may want to disconnect your internet connection while working with your list of private keys.

  • Download the Mnemonic Code Converter.
  • Double-click “bip39-standalone.html”  to open the converter tool in your default web browser. This tool runs locally and does not interface with the internet, so it is safe to completely disconnect from the internet before continuing.

Step 2

  • Find the text box labeled “Wallet Secret Words” and enter each of your 12 secret words separated by a single space.
  • In the second text box labeled “Wallet Passphrase”, enter your Samourai Wallet passphrase. You created this passphrase when you first created your wallet and it is required to successfully generate your private keys. Make sure you enter the passphrase exactly as when you created it, including any whitespace and special characters.

 Step 3

  • In the next section labeled “Derivation Path”, select the type of private keys you would like to reveal. Select BIP44 for addresses beginning with a ‘1’ and BIP49 (Segwit) for your segwit addresses beginning with a ‘3’.
  • If you would like to reveal your private keys for addresses on the internal chain (also known as change addresses) then input ‘1’ into the text box labeled “External/Internal”.
  • If you would like to reveal your private keys for addresses on the external chain (addresses for receiving payments) then input ‘0’ into the text box labeled “External/Internal”.

Step 4

Scroll down to “Derived Addresses”, to reveal the private keys for every address in your wallet that corresponds to the Derivation Path you set in Step 3.

The “Derived Addresses” table contains the first 20 Addresses together with their public and private keys. You can reveal additional rows of addresses by adding to the text input labeled ‘Show More Rows’ at the bottom of the table. For example, if you wanted to view 200 results you would enter 200 in this text box.

Additionally, you may use these instructions to access private keys from within your Samourai Wallet ( if this mnemonic address generation tool did not suit you.

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