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Get your latest bitcoin address

Your Samourai Wallet contains an infinite amount of bitcoin addresses that get used once and then are archived. These archived addresses are never discarded, but they are not used again to protect your privacy and security.

This means your bitcoin address will change all the time, this is not cause for alarm, consider your addresses as 'one-time-use' and disposable. 

Step 1 - The receive screen

To get your latest bitcoin address press the blue '+' button on the bottom right of the main balance and transactions screen. Then press the green 'Receive' button to open the Receive screen.

Step 2 - Share your address

Samourai Wallet will display a QR code of your latest bitcoin address. Underneath the QR code is the actual address text. You can show this QR code if you are in transacting in person or you can share the address and QR code manually.

  • To copy the address to clipboard: Tap the address text and press 'YES'
  • To share the QR code image: Tap the share icon in the toolbar

By default, your Samourai wallet will generate bech32 or "Native Segwit" addresses (beginning with 'bc1'). If you are sending to your Samourai wallet using a service that does not yet support Native Segwit addresses, you can also obtain addresses in Segwit Compatibility and Legacy formats, via the Advanced gearbox icon on the Receive screen. 

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