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Creating your first payment code connection

Think of a payment code as a permanent and reusable code that you can share with anyone. It looks similar to a bitcoin address but it is longer and starts with 'PM8T'

Anybody who connects to your payment code can generate private bitcoin addresses on demand for sending bitcoin to your wallet.

Create your first connection to Samourai Donations

There are certain premium features and functionality that are only available to users who have an active connection to Samourai Donations. We highly recommend users initiate a connection to Samourai Donations. 


Step 1 - Open your payment code connections

From the main screen of the wallet press the blue '+' button located on the bottom right of the screen. Tap the purple Payment Codes button.

These are your payment code connections. Right now the list is empty, but soon it will contain your first connection to the Samourai Donations code. 

Step 2 - Create your first connection to Samourai Donations

Tap the purple '+' button located on the bottom right of the payment code screen. Tap the Recommended button

You will see a list appear with some recommended payment codes. Select Samourai Donations from the list

Step 3 - Accept the connection fee

Before the connection is made you will be asked to review the connection fee. Press Confirm to accept the fee and broadcast the connection to the bitcoin network. 

If you do not have enough bitcoin in your wallet, simply deposit more bitcoin then return to the payment code screen. You will see the Samourai Donations code added to your list. Tap on it to resume the connection process. 

Step 4 - Wait for confirmation

You must wait for 1 confirmation on the bitcoin block chain before the connection is considered established. Once established you can test out the new connection by tapping on Samourai Donations in the payment code list and sending a small donation to help fund further development   

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