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Introduction to payment codes

A payment code is a permanent and reusable code that you can share with anyone. It is tied to your secret words. It looks similar to a bitcoin address but it is longer and starts with 'PM8T'

Payment Codes in Samourai are the first implementation of the BIP47 Proposal by the Open Bitcoin Privacy Project

Share your payment code

Unlike a static bitcoin address you can share your payment code publicly without revealing your entire balance or transaction history.

Anyone with Samourai Wallet or any wallet that follows the BIP47 proposal can connect to your payment code and generate private bitcoin addresses on demand for sending bitcoin to your wallet.

Learn how to find and share your payment code in Samourai Wallet

Connect to other payment codes

Just like others can connect to your payment code to send you payments, you can also connect to others as well. Once you have connected to a payment code, you can create on demand bitcoin addresses for sending to that contact.

Learn how to connect to other payment codes

You can share your payment code and find other payment codes to connect to on our free payment code directory

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