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Making your first Ricochet Send

A Ricochet Send is a Samourai exclusive transaction type. Ricochet defends against bitcoin blacklists by adding additional decoy transactions between the initial send and eventual recipient. You should consider using Ricochet when sending to Bitcoin Exchanges, and companies that are known to close accounts for flimsy reasons. 

Step 1 - Start with a normal send

Ricochet is really simple. First initiate a send like you normally would. Either by tapping the square Scanner icon in the wallet toolbar and scanning a QR code, or by tapping the blue '+' button located on the bottom right of the balance and transaction screen and then tapping Send button.

Step 2 - Enable Ricochet

On the Send Screen you will see a 'Ricochet' label with a toggle in the off position. Tap the toggle to turn it on.

Note: You should highly consider first connecting to the Samourai Donations payment code. It is much better for your privacy if you make the connection before performing a Ricochet.

Step 3 - Press Send

It's that simple. Once you confirm the Ricochet fees your Ricochet transaction will be sent to your destination but first it will hop between 4 additional bitcoin addresses. This type of transaction may take 1-2 minutes to complete.

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