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How to send bitcoin

There comes a point when you need to make an outgoing transaction from your Samourai Wallet. This is called a send. Samourai can get pretty fancy with different types of sends but we'll keep it simple here. 

Quick Scan

If you have a QR code of the recipients bitcoin address the quickest way to send is to tap the Scanner icon in the toolbar on the main balance screen. This will activate the camera.  Focus the camera on the QR code until it successfully scans. 

This method is very useful when sending to online merchants as they often encode the exact BTC amount directly into the QR code making the process even easier. 

If there is no BTC amount auto-filled after scanning, simply enter the amount you wish to send manually. 

Manual Send

To get to the Send Screen without activating the Quick Scan camera simply tap the blue '+' button on the bottom right of the main balance and transactions screen. Then press the red 'Send' button. This will open the Send Screen. 

On the send screen you can manually activate the Quick Scan camera by pressing the Scanner code icon in the toolbar. You can also manually paste any bitcoin address into  the 'To' field. 

Confirm the send

Provided you have enough bitcoin to cover the send amount a green 'SEND' button will appear across the bottom of your screen. Tap it to continue. You will be asked to confirm the send one last time. Press OK to broadcast the send to the bitcoin network and wait for at least one confirmation.

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