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How to make a Batch Spend

Making a Batch Spend is straightforward and much like making a normal send. The difference is instead of simply choosing one destination address and amount for a transaction, you are allowed to add as many additional destination addresses and amounts to your transaction before sending it to the bitcoin network. 

Navigate to the Send Screen

Simply tap the blue + button on the bottom right of the main screen. Then press the red Send button. This will open the Send Screen. 

Activate the Batch Spend screen

Tap the three vertical dots in the toolbar to open up the toolbar menu. Select Batch Spend from the list

Add your transactions

Scan an address using the QR code scanner in the toolbar and enter an amount to send to this address. When a valid amount and address is entered press the Add icon in the toolbar. This will add your transaction to the batch queue. Repeat this step as many times as needed. There is no limit to the amount of transactions you can add to a single batch. 

Send the batch transaction

When you are ready to broadcast the batch transaction to the network press the envelope icon in the toolbar. You will be asked to choose a fee profile for this send and then asked to confirm the send one last time. Once you press Yes the transaction will be sent to the network.

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