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What is a Batch Spend?

The Batch Spend feature allows users  to combine (or batch) multiple unrelated spends into one single transaction that gets broadcasted to the network. The benefit to creating these combined transactions is much lower overall fees and more efficient use of blockchain space. It has been estimated that users can save up to 80% on bitcoin miner fees by using the new Batch Spend feature. 

Is it for me?

The batch spend feature is useful for anyone who needs to send bitcoin to more than one other party in a given time frame. For example, if I want to pay both Alice and Bob, it would make more sense for me to use Batch Spend and pay them both at the same time for 1 transaction fee instead of initiating two separate transactions and paying both transaction fees.

How to make a batch spend

Making a batch spend is straightforward and much like making a normal spend. Follow the instructions for making a batch spend that can be found here

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