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Sign a message with a UTXO

Samourai Wallet has built-in signature generation to prove control of a bitcoin address private key without revealing the private key to anyone. The list of current unspent outputs contains a list of addresses that can sign messages in your wallet. Currently you can only sign messages with addresses that contain an unspent balance of bitcoin. 

Step 1 - Show unspent outputs

Tap the three vertical dots on the top right of the toolbar and then tap Show unspent outputsThis will launch a list of current unspent outputs in your wallet.

Step 2 - Select the address to sign from

Tap the unspent output that corresponds with the bitcoin address that you want to sign the message from.  This will bring up a screen with details about your UTXO. 

From this screen, tap the options icon on the  top-right of the screen to bring up the Advanced options for that UTXO. From there, tap "Sign Message" to sign a message of your choosing. 

Step 3 - Enter your message

Enter the message you want to sign in the textbox, and press YES when finished.

Step 4 - Copy and share

Copy the signature and share it as needed.

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