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View your post-mix UTXOs in Samourai

Just as you can view any of the Unspent Transaction Outputs (UTXOs) for your wallet's main "account" via the UTXOs Screen, you can also easily view, manage, and interact with your wallet's Whirlpool post-Mix UTXOs via the post-mix UTXOs screen in Samourai. 

Note: Your post-mix UTXOs screen will only display post-mix UTXOs. Pre-mix UTXOs will be shown in your queue, on the Whirlpool main screen in Samourai. 

To view your post-mix UTXOs, follow these steps:

Open Whirlpool in Samourai
Open your wallet in Samourai and tap the blue (+) symbol at the bottom of the screen. From the list of options that appear, tap Whirlpool. The Whirlpool service will start up.

Wait for the service to start up/connect, and you will be brought to the Whirlpool main screen, where you'll find any pre-mix UTXOs queued for mixing. 

View post-mix UTXOs
Tap the list icon in the toolbar on the top of the screen to view your post-mix UTXOs for Whirlpool. 

On the post-mix Unspent Outputs (UTXO) screen, you will see any of your post-mix Whirlpool UTXOs for your Samourai wallet. To view more details for a UTXO, simply tap it.

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