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Understanding Whirlpool Desktop Configuration Options

When you have paired your wallet to whirlpool you should stop the client (by pressing STOP in the top right) and familiarise yourself with the available configuration options. While the default configuration is ready for use immediately, it is worth understanding the client as you use Whirlpool.

General Configuration

Config Name
Default Mix Target
The default number of cycles to complete for new UTXOs added to the pool.  
It is safe to leave this as 1, as you can always manually choose to cycle UTXOs again manually.
Auto Mix

When enabled this will automatically queue your UTXOs for cycling.
It is safe to turn this off if you prefer to micro manage which UTXOs to cycle. If you have a lot of UTXO's it can be faster to disable this.

When enabled all traffic is routed through the built in Tor layer.
Currently this is deactivated as Tor implementation continues to be developed.

Connect through SOCKS/HTTP proxy.

This is intended for advanced users who wish their own Tor or VPN layer for networking.

Developers Settings

Toggle view of these settings by pressing Toggle developers settings

Config Name
Select the Whirlpool server you wish to interact with. MainNet is default, but you may also wish to use TestNet
Client Delay
Delay in seconds between each client connection.  Leaving this as default is good to help prevent flooding the server. 
TX0 Max Outputs
This determines the number of new mixed UTXOs that will be created. Leave this at 0 to mix the entire UTXO

A discount code for reduced cost mixing. See this article
This should be blank by default

Next Steps

Understanding Deposit, Premix, and Postmix accounts

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