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Fund your deposit account on Whirlpool Desktop

Now that you have configured the desktop client to your liking the next step is to choose or add coins to begin cycling in Whirlpool. The desktop client will detect bech32 addresses within your Samourai Wallet, these UTXOs can be selected or you can generate a new address to deposit coins from an external wallet.

Deposit from an external wallet:

If you do not have any UTXOs in your Samourai Wallet, you can generate a deposit address for your wallet by pressing the red + Deposit button within the desktop client. Once the deposited funds have received one confirmation they will be ready to be cycled by following the directions below.

Choose UTXO(s) from your Samourai Wallet:

Within the Desktop Client navigate to the Deposit tab directly under Last Activity on the left hand side of the screen. The Deposit account contains all the bech32 UTXOs in your paired Samourai Wallet. Once the deposit tab has been selected a list of your bech32 UTXOs in Samourai Wallet will be displayed. 

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