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Pairing Samourai Wallet to Whirlpool Desktop

In order to use the desktop version of Whirlpool you need a Samourai Wallet with the latest version of Samourai Wallet installed and configured. Follow these instructions to pair your Samourai Wallet to your Whirlpool desktop client.

Step 1 - Generate pairing code

Generate the pairing code from within your Samourai Wallet

  1.  Navigate to Samourai Wallet Settings > Transactions
  2.  Scroll to Experimental
  3.  Tap Pair to Whirlpool GUI
  4.  Transfer the entire pairing code onto the desktop where the desktop client is installed. This pairing code is your wallet mnemonic encrypted with your wallet passphrase. It is safe to transmit clearnet if your passphrase is strong.

Step 2 - Pair desktop client

Once you have installed the desktop client you will be asked to provide a Pairing Code from Samourai Wallet. 

  1.  Paste the pairing code you generated in the the previous step into the text box with the keyboard shortcut (ctrl/cmd + v) and press Initialise GUI
  2.  Wait for Whirlpool to connect, this may take a minute or two. If it cannot connect, please check your Java installation. 
  3.  Once connection has been established you will be asked to enter your wallet passphrase to decrypt your pairing code and unlock the Whirlpool interface.

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