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Adding your UTXOs to a pool with Whirlpool Desktop

Samourai offers multiple liquidity pools depending on the size of the UTXO you wish to cycle through Whirlpool. Once you have funded your deposit account and the transaction has confirmed, it is time to add your UTXO to a pool.

Add your UTXOs to a pool:

With the Deposit tab selected, you will see a list of bech32 UTXOs available on the right hand side of the screen

Step 1
Press the red Tx0 button on the far right side of a confirmed UTXO to open the pool selection screen
Step 2
Select a miner fee profile, the higher you pay in miner fees the quicker your UTXOs will confirm, and the quicker your cycle will complete.
Step 3
Select a pool, you generally want to choose the largest pool you can based on the amount of the UTXO you are cycling.
Step 4
Select a target number of cycle, this can be left as 1 as you can later cycle these UTXOs manually. If you set a number higher than 1 the UTXOs will be cycled automatically until they reach the target.
Step 5
Press the red Tx0 button on the bottom of the pop up modal to begin the process.

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