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Contribute a translation to Samourai Wallet

This document's purpose is to describe step by step how to contribute to the localization of Samourai Wallet. For any questions or suggestions please refer to the official Samourai Telegram channel. Currently, localization contributions are handled only with Pull Requests on our open source Github repository, so in order to contribute and receive credit for your work, you'll need to register for a free Github account.

Step 1 - Fork Samourai Wallet

Once you signed up, the first thing to do is to fork the Samourai wallet repository. You can do this using the "Fork" button:

Step 2- Locate your copy of Samourai Wallet

Once you forked (copied) the repository, then you can work on your own copy. To do this, go to Your Repositories in your profile and open the link to the repository you just forked, and it should look like this:

Step 3 - Navigate to the resources folder

Now, you'll need to navigate to the folder where the translation are saved: to do this, you just need to click on the folders in the project, navigating down to the resources folder in the file structure


Once you're there, you should see a list of folders like this one:

The folders used for translations are the "values" folders, and as you can see, there's one folder for each language, identified by a 2 letter code (e.g. values-it for Italian, values-ru for Russian, etc.)

Step 4 - Find the English strings

To find the english strings to be localized, open: 


A raw text copy of the file is available at this URL:

Step 5 - Start Translating

If a subfolder with your language code is already in the Resources folder it means that someone already posted a translation of this language: you can navigate inside it and make any changes needed to the translation.

If there is no subfolder with your language code press the "Create new file" button and name your new file EXACTLY like this, substituting the XX with your localization code:


For example, a french translator would create 


Now that you have an empty file, you can paste the original content of the english strings.xml file in here and start translating every line. Keep in mind that you must not translate the text between "", but only the text inside the HTML tags.

  For example:

<string name="cancel">Cancel</string>

Becomes (in Brazilian):

<string name="cancel">Cancelar</string>

Step 6 - Create a pull request

Once you've translated everything, save your work and create a pull request. To do this, go back to the Samourai Wallet repository  and click New pull request.

  In the new window, click on "compare across forks" to submit a pull request from your own fork that you created. Once you've activated comparing across forks, pick your repository's develop branch to pull on Samourai wallet's develop branch, like this:
 Now, leave a brief comment to explain you've added a new translation and press the "Create pull request" button.

Step 7 - Wait for approval

Once the Samourai team reviews your translation and approves it, your pull request will be merged in the main project and you will receive credit as a contributor to Samourai Wallet. We really appreciate you taking the time to help us improve Samourai Wallet by adding your translation. 

Special thanks to LifeIsPizza for writing this localization guide.

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