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My wallet / balance / transactions won't load

If your balance is incorrect and/or transactions aren't displaying the most common reason is a network failure.

Check Tor:

If you previously enabled Tor on your wallet, make sure that Tor is connected and is not being blocked by your network. You may also wish to try getting a new identity via the "New Identity" button in Notifications Bar at the top of your screen, and/or by toggling Tor OFF/ON via the Networking screen in Samourai. 

Check VPN:

If you are using a VPN, make sure your VPN is correctly configured and not blocking traffic.

Check Data Connection: 

Try toggling your Data Connection OFF and then back ON via the Networking screen in Samourai, and then refreshing your balance. 

Contact Support:

If after checking all of the above you are still unable to load your balance & transaction history, please contact us for additional support. You can contact support via this site using the blue chat icon labeled "...." at the bottom of this screen, or by email at

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