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What are the Android permissions Samourai makes use of?

You may be wondering why the Samourai Wallet app available from Google Play  needs a certain permission. This article will try to explain what each permission is needed for and what exactly Samourai is doing once you give permission. 


This permission is required if you make use of our remote commands functionality. This permission allows Samourai to scan incoming SMS messages for your remote command. Remote commands are turned off by default, and this permissions will not be used unless you turn remote commands on. 


This permission is required if you make use of the Stealth Mode feature. When Stealth Mode is enabled by the user, Samourai is hidden from the phone and the user must use the default phone dialer to launch Samourai. Stealth Mode is disabled by default, and this permission will not be used unless you turn on Stealth Mode.


This permission is save an encrypted backup of your wallet on your device. This encrypted backup is used to restore your wallet and all associated metadata. Samourai saves this encrypted backup to your device filesystem by default. You may disable this functionality in the settings if you wish to prevent Samourai from using this permission, though it is highly discouraged. 


This permission is required to use the device camera for scanning QR codes. This is a required permission

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