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What is Boltzmann?

What is Boltzmann?

Boltzmann is a script that returns the entropy of a given transaction. This script measures the linkability of inputs to outputs of a given transaction, by determining the number of individual mappings of the inputs to outputs used in the transaction.

What is a Boltzmann Score?

The higher the entropy of a transaction, the higher the Boltzmann score. The higher the Boltzmann score, the more resistant your transaction is to address/identity clustering techniques used by Blockchain analysis companies. This is because if the element of doubt connecting ownership of addresses by any entity is too great, it can pollute the entire 'cluster'.

To ensure higher entropy for our users transactions, Samourai have introduced STONEWALL as a send type that constructs your transactions in a way that consistently obtains a good Boltzmann score, wherever possible.

STONEWALL will activate by default for transactions in Samourai whenever the estimated Boltzmann score is high enough. If the estimated Boltzmann score for a given transaction is not high enough,  a STONEWALL will be unavailable for that transaction.

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