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Common issues with trusted node

If you've followed the directions as laid out in our other Trusted Node articles and you still are having issues connecting your node with Samourai please check these common issues and solutions. 

Unable to connect to node

If your Samourai Wallet is not able to reach your node go through the troubleshooting steps carefully

  1. Check your bitcoin.conf file and make sure that you have added the appropriate configuration parameters. Remember to restart Bitcoin after making any changes to the configuration.

  2. Make sure the username and password you specified in your bitcoin.conf file is the same as the username and password you typed into Samourai Wallet 'Set Trusted Node' screen.

  3. Make sure the port you are connecting to is 8332 (default)

  4. Make sure that the IP address of the bitcoin node you are attempting to connect to is reachable. You should be on the same network as the node unless you have followed the instructions for setting up a VPN with Trusted Node.

  5.  You may need to open port 8332 on your router. This isn't usually required, as most modern routers handle ports automatically. If you try this, please make sure you only open port 8332  for your local IP address and not for the external internet.

  6. You may need to disable IPv6 on your router, preferring IPv4 by default may help with connectivity issues that all the other steps have not been able to solve.

  7. Provided that IPv6 is connecting successfully, try adding a rpcallowip  for your entire internal IP range in your bitcoin.conf - make sure to restart bitcoind after you make the .conf change.


    rpcallowip =[internal IP address]

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