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Enable SIM Switch Defense

When SIM Switch Defense is enabled your Trusted Number will be sent an SMS when the SIM card details of your Samourai Wallet device are modified in any way. This allows you to send remote commands to your wallet even if someone has changed or spoofed your SIM card.

Step 1 - Open Remote Settings

Tap the three vertical dots on the top right of the toolbar and then tap SettingsThis will launch the main settings screen. Tap on Remote in the list.

Step 2 - Enable Trusted Number 

Tap Use trusted number for remote

Tap on Trusted number next to enter the phone number you would like to use. It is important that you enter the number in international format without spaces (+44201392822) 

Step 3 - Enable SIM Switch Defense 

Tap SIM switch defense so the check-mark appears

Congrats. SIM Switch Defense is now protecting your device.

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  1. pat

    no  more  sim  switch  defense  menu  in  V0.99.06