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Enable Stealth Mode in your wallet

Make sure you understand how stealth mode works before enabling the feature in your wallet. 

Step 1 - Open Stealth Settings

Tap the three vertical dots on the top right of the toolbar and then tap SettingsThis will launch the main settings screen. Tap on Stealth in the list.

Step 2 - Enable Stealth Launcher

In the list of Stealth settings tap on Stealth launcher and then press Yes

Step 3 - Enable Stealth PIN (optional)

If you would like to use a different PIN code to launch Samourai from Stealth mode you may define it by tapping on Stealth launch and remote PIN

Add a PIN code between 5-8 digits. This PIN will be used to launch your Samourai Wallet from stealth mode AND for sending remote commands and then press OK. 

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  1. Peter Darvinchii

    Is there another way to use the stealth mode after the update. I love that features

  2. pat

    hi,  after  an  update  on  play google,  v0.99.06  actually  stealth  mode  is  not  in  the  settings  menu.