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Send your wallet a remote command

To send your wallet a remote SMS commands you first need to have enabled remote commands in your wallet

Step 1 - Send an SMS

Send an SMS message to the phone number of the device Samourai is installed on.

In the body of the SMS message is where you will type the command.

For Remote Backup:


For Remote Erase:


Make sure to replace 'YOUR_PIN_CODE' with your actual wallet PIN code.

If you previously enabled Trusted Number for remote commands you must send the SMS from your Trusted Number

Step 2 - Wait for response

Samourai will initiate a SMS response to the phone number that sent the original command.

For Remote Backup:

You will receive long sequence of digits. You can use these digits to restore your wallet on a new device as long as you have also remembered your wallet passphrase.

For Remote Erase:

You will receive confirmation that Samourai has been securely wiped from the target device. 

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